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How to...

how to make the lamp case

How to do the case surface anodizing color?

How to make the the inner electronic parts?

How to assembly the products?

How to test on produce line?

How to dimming the brightness?

How long time needed to full charge the lamp? logn the battery can be used time?


What is...

what is the LED color temperature?

What is the case matatira?

What is the battery inside

Why to

why to choose the Aluminium as case material?




1st step is CNC to make the original case to similar with deisgn,

2st step to make the inner structure and fixd hole for screw etc., and check the surface qulity before the color.

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anodizing color

1st step´╝Übefore to do the color, we need to check the surface, if any dirty, will need to cleaning first using the acid or alkaline liquid.

2st step:use some tooling to fixed all parts so that to keep it tight not to drop when anodizing, then put it in the anodizing pool( each color will have a indepented pool and never to change for normal color maybe always used.

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inner parts

inside the case there are so many parts include: PCB, LED, connect wire, batteries etc

LED : we used Epistar chip in the LED, if customer need special LED such as for Japan market maybe used Nichi or Everlight brand, but the cost will be more high and mor Lead time.

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